• Portraits

    Ellen Driscoll’s intimate and probing self-portraits create intricate matrices that interlace her inner life with maps, charts, and images of an outer world undergoing constant change. While recovering from a rare brain tumor that initially rendered he …

  • Resume 2024
  • Re-Rooted

    Plants have been on the earth much longer than we have. As the magnitude of environmental challenges that we face globally becomes more urgent, my drawings focus close attention on the quiet work that some plants do to repair toxins, in a process known …

  • Site Woven

    Commissioned by the General Services Administration Art in Architecture Program Fabricated by Mosaika Hand-glazed ceramic and Byzantine glass smalti Location: Charles R. Jonas Federal Courthouse, Charlotte, NC Ellen Driscoll created Site Woven, a serie …

  • New Leaf Drawings
  • Botany and Landscape

    Slipstream In Ellen Driscoll’s recent work, plants are drawn into allegorical tableaux that speak to environmental change and adaptation. Some of the plants in her herbarium are used for remediation of toxins in soil, such as the sunflower which is use …

  • Bower for Artpark

    “Bower” is commissioned for Art Park by City as Living Laboratory, a non profit created by Mary Miss.

  • CartOURgraphy

    A mosaic commission by Public Art for Public Schools for the Middle College High School and the International High School in Long Island City is being installed in August. Mosaic fabrication by Mosaika. A series of 6 classroom workshops on mapping and geography were held in spring of 2016.

  • Family Blanket

    The wind currents over the Atlantic Ocean are burned into my grandmother’s blanket,a blanket which has endured decades of small repairs as it got passed down through several generations. The edges of the blanket are cut away in a drawing of continental boundaries.

  • Pilgrim
  • Drifter
  • Naiad
  • Stilt
  • Night to Day Here and Away

    “Night to Day, Here and Away” fabricated by Mosaika, and Red Linen Design for Sarasota National Cemetery, funded by the Patterson Foundation for the Veteran’s Administration.  The 50’ x 3′ mosaic on the front of the stage depicts a fictional landscape of Earth, Air, and Water in which all five branches of the military service carry out their work. The landscape goes from night to day to night over the span of the 50’ length. Vast differences of time and geography are a part of many military family’s lives.

  • Rome drawings

    This series of drawings were generated while in Rome from January 2013 – June 2013, while serving as the Chief Critic for the European Honors program of RISD.

  • Wraith

    The Vertical Gallery at the Esther Massry Gallery at the College of St. Rose features a site-specific sculpture entitled “Wraith” created for this beautiful 27′ high atrium. “Wraith” is a translucent mountain hovering just above visitor’s heads. Clinging to it’s underside, like barnacles on a rock, is an upside-down, contemporary American landscape, in miniature, with an oil refinery, abandoned houses, mountains and bare trees.

  • Distant Mirrors

    Distant Mirrors is a floating archipelago of forms floating in the Providence River, made with plastic bottles donated by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. This project was created with Rose Heydt, Dianne Hebbert, Megan McLaughlin, and Ponnapa Prakkamakul. Funded by the Robert and Margaret McColl Johnson fellowship of the Rhode Island Foundaton, and created with thanks to the Roger Williams National Memorial, Artists in Context, and Clay Rockefeller. www.distantmirrors.net

  • Still Life

    Still Life Recycled plastic, 3’H x 20’L x 13’W

  • Fastforwardfossil; Part2

    Fastforwardfossil; Part 2, 2009 #2 harvested plastic, 30’L x 7’H x 14’W

  • Fastforwardfossil;Part2, Drawings

    Fastforwardfossil; Part 2, Drawings, 2009 exhibited at Smack Mellon, 2009 These drawings are based on a close study of the inner workings of Ireland’s only oil refinery in Whitegate, which I had access to in August 2009 through the Sirius Art Centre residency. By using shifts of scale between the macro and the micro, they depict a dystopic future based on rampant oil consumption. The worlds in the drawings are drained of color, but filled with the flux and spillage of a potentially chaotic future.

  • Filament/Firmament

    Filament/Firmament, 2010 Commissioned by the Cambridge Arts Council for the Cambridge Public Library Selected by Fred Wilson for the Public Art Network’s Year in Review, Best Public Projects of 2010

  • Fastforwardfossil Drawings

    Fastforwardfossil Drawings, 2007-8 exhibited with Fastforwardfossil; Part 1 at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, 2009

  • Wingspun

    Wingspun, 2008 Terminal C, Raleigh Durham Airport

  • Revenant

    Revenant, 2007 #2 harvested plastic, 18’L x 7’H x 3’W Revenant was created for a two person exhibition with Zero Higashida, for the Bank of Japan in Hiroshima, one of the few buildings to survive the atomic blast. The 18 foot bridge has a dredging crane on one end, which is attached by looping chains to a McMansion on the other end.  A slum colony with a satellite dish clings to the underside of the McMansion. The bridge structure is based on the Forth Bridge, an innovation in engineering at the dawn of the 20th century.

  • Drawings 2007-8

    Drawings, 2007-8

  • Phantom Limb

    Phantom Limb, 2007 #2 harvested plastic, 14’L x 7’H x 8’W

  • Pro Patria Mori

    Pro Patria Mori, 2006 Security Gates for the Liberty Memorial and Museum, Kansas City, Missouri Selected by Public Art Network Year in Review as one of the best public art projects of 2006

  • Parallax

    Parallax, 2004 Video collaboration with Jane D. Marsching A collaboration between Ellen Driscoll and Jane D. Marsching. Clementine, an intrepid marionette, explores landscapes both historical and contemporary against a poetic backdrop of sound and text that describe an interior landscape of love lost. Her voyages take her down a mine shaft, into a domestic interior, and up and out to the surface of the moon and beyond to a vista of nebulae where she encounters dense black holes or voids, to which she is irresistibly drawn.

  • Aqueous Humour

    Aqueous Humour, 2004 South Boston Maritime Park, Commissioned by the MassPort, Boston, MA.

  • Catching the Drift

    Catching the Drift, 2003 A Women’s Restroom for the Smith College Museum of Art

  • Drawings 2003-5

    Drawings 2003-5

  • Drawings 2001-3

    Drawings 2001-3

  • Meanderlink

    Meanderlink, 2000 An airplane banner celebrating Frederick Law Olmsted’s legacy in Boston

  • CircuitStream

    Circuitstream, 2000 Commissioned by the Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina This sandblasted glass wall is sited in the digital headquarters of the Bank of America. Silhouetted portraits from American coins are connected by a network to an early computer circuitboard from the 1950’s. Commissioned by the Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Mum’s the Word

    Mum’s the Word, 1997-8 Temporary public work for City of Boston, collaboration with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Aphasia Community Group, Boston, MA, Fund for the Arts commission Cambridge-based artist Ellen Driscoll began this project, called “Mu …

  • As Above So Below

    As Above, So Below, 1998 A suite of glass and mosaic works for Grand Central Terminal, New York Link here to interactive map 

  • From There on Up to Here and Now

    From There On Up to Here and Now, 1995 Commissioned by the High Museum of Art  From There on Up to Here and Now was a collaborative installation that Driscoll created with African-American quilters, Mamie Hughley, Pearl Walker, Annie Heard, and Annie P …

  • Passionate Attitudes

    Passionate Attitudes, 1995 Threadwaxing Space, New York

  • Migration

    Migration, 1992 Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati,OH.

  • The Loophole of Retreat

    The Loophole of Retreat, 1991 Commissioned by the Whitney Museum at Phillip Morris