• Driscoll resume 2021
  • Artist Statement

    There’s a huge shipping crane at the end of my new street. I hold up my thumb and align it with the edge of the shipping container on the crane. For this brief moment, they share a line in space, my body aligned to points both near and far. If indeed the tiniest speck of dust can be considered the trace material of the Big Bang, then my work inserts a human index to make points and lines of connection on that continuum from the infinitesimal to the gigantic.

  • Project Vortex site launched

    Artist Aurora Robson has created Project Vortex, an international collective of artists who use plastic debris in their work. The site raises funds for non-profit organizations engaged in cleaning waterways around the world.

  • Ahab’s Wife

    Ahab’s Wife, 1998 Commissioned for the Henson International Puppet Festival