Murmuration, Ruffin Gallery, University of Virginia, August 25-Oct 6, 2023


Spirit familiar, 2023
15″ x 15″
ink on paper

Curated by Elizabeth Schoyer

Artists: Golnar Adili, Michael Bogin, Erin Crowe, Ellen Driscoll, Ellen Gallup, Rachel Lane, Kera McKenzie,Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Sarah Morrison, Kristen Nyce, Danielle Riede, Martha Saunders, Sandy Williams IV


A small woolen hooded jacket hangs on a branch. Maps of all the continents of the world fall from both sleeves and hang on the opposite ends of two branches.
A bird overlooks the maps below.

The sculpture presents the viewer with a freeze frame of an absent figure temporarily in stasis during a larger transit. The one to one scale of the child size jacket is juxtaposed with the great distances of the entire world, seen in miniature in the continental maps cut out of felt. The sculpture holds these micro and macro scale juxtapositions in suspension—held in stasis in between departure and arrival. The bird is at rest, but connotes the greater atmospheric spaces within which birds fly.

Spirit Familiar

A bird at rest on a horizon line, is mirrored below the line, as if reflected in water. The map of Charlottesville, Virginia forms the space of reflection below the line. Starry points of light encircle both birds, as if transmitting pulses of energy that communicate across the line.