• CartOURgraphy

    A mosaic commission by Public Art for Public Schools for the Middle College High School and the International High School in Long Island City is being installed in August. Mosaic fabrication by Mosaika. A series of 6 classroom workshops on mapping and geography were held in spring of 2016.

  • Bower for Artpark

    “Bower” is commissioned for Art Park by City as Living Laboratory, a non profit created by Mary Miss.

  • Night to Day, Here and Away

    “Night to Day, Here and Away” fabricated by Mosaika, and Red Linen Design for Sarasota National Cemetery, funded by the Patterson Foundation for the Veteran’s Administration.  The 50’ x 3′ mosaic on the front of the stage depicts a fictional landscape of Earth, Air, and Water in which all five branches of the military service carry out their work. The landscape goes from night to day to night over the span of the 50’ length. Vast differences of time and geography are a part of many military family’s lives.

  • Distant Mirrors

    Distant Mirrors is a floating archipelago of forms floating in the Providence River, made with plastic bottles donated by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. This project was created with Rose Heydt, Dianne Hebbert, Megan McLaughlin, and Ponnapa Prakkamakul. Funded by the Robert and Margaret McColl Johnson fellowship of the Rhode Island Foundaton, and created with thanks to the Roger Williams National Memorial, Artists in Context, and Clay Rockefeller. www.distantmirrors.net