• “Night to Day, Here and Away” radio interview

    An interview with Brian Hersh in Sarasota, Florida on the new mosaic commission at Sarasota National Cemetery, March 27. Go to minute 17 for the start of my part of the interview!

  • Sculptcast “Conversations About Sculpture” Interview

    For the past five years Ellen Driscoll, head of the sculpture department at Rhode Island School of Design, has used discarded plastic water and milk bottles as her sculpture medium, creating public works of beauty and meaning. “Distant Mirrors” floated on the Providence River in Providence, R.I., portraying maps of land masses and historical settlements. Her work is included in numerous major collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of Art. Be sure to check out our Sculptcast website for photos and links. Enjoy. CHERYL BOWLAN Producer

  • Gorky’s granddaughter
  • Distant Mirrors interviews
  • FastForwardFossil; Part 2
  • BOMBLive! BOMB Magazine Interview

    BOMBLive! BOMB Magazine Interview, 2007