• Thicket

    Thicket May 5— June 23 Opening Reception Friday, May 5th 6—9pm Wed-Fri 1-5pm Sat-Sun 11am- 4 pm or by appointment 508-843-2184 Rafius Fane Gallery The Rafius Fane Gallery is pleased to present “Thicket”, a solo exhibition of recent sculptures and drawings by Ellen Driscoll. In her sculptures, Driscoll combines cloth that typically covers the body as clothing or blanket with larger abstractions of maps and diagrams, or the wilds of tangled forest branches . The scale of the singular and intimate body is set against the much larger scale of cities,

  • Family Blanket

    The wind currents over the Atlantic Ocean are burned into my grandmother’s blanket,a blanket which has endured decades of small repairs as it got passed down through several generations. The edges of the blanket are cut away in a drawing of continental boundaries.

  • Stilt
  • Naiad
  • Drifter
  • Pilgrim
  • Telescopic Tea Table

    The Olana Partnership and Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7 FM are pleased to present Groundswell, a new iteration of their award winning event. From 2-6, visitors will explore contemporary works sited throughout the grounds of Frederic Church’s historic Hudson Valley estate, Olana. “Telescopic Tea Table” created with Daniela Gomez, is a mirrored table upon whose surface float countries where Church painted during his international travels, and mirrored tea pots which directly mirror sculpted ornamentation on the historic house on the hill above.

  • Talk to Me

    This piece was created for the Bard College Studio Arts Faculty exhibition in the fall of 2013.

  • Wraith

    The Vertical Gallery at the Esther Massry Gallery at the College of St. Rose features a site-specific sculpture entitled “Wraith” created for this beautiful 27′ high atrium. “Wraith” is a translucent mountain hovering just above visitor’s heads. Clinging to it’s underside, like barnacles on a rock, is an upside-down, contemporary American landscape, in miniature, with an oil refinery, abandoned houses, mountains and bare trees.

  • Washed Up

    In this two person exhibition with Ellen Driscoll and Robert Oxnam, we spent several days creating a matrix that would make a single work out of our two disparate bodies of work on a 25 foot wall at the Brooklyn Zen Center.