• Small Landscape Drawings
  • New Leaf Drawings
  • Botanical Drawings

    In Ellen Driscoll’s recent work, plants are drawn into allegorical tableaux that speak to environmental change and adaptation. Some of the plants in her herbarium are used for remediation of toxins in soil, such as the sunflower which is used to revive …

  • Slipstream drawings

    New drawing and painting by Ellen Driscoll and Ken Buhler in a two person exhibition at Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard St., New York, NY, January 10-February 18

  • Venti Trasversali at Museo di Storie Naturale, Siena

    Venti Trasversali These drawings began with an investigation into the historical process of making charcoal in Tuscany. Four indigenous trees—oak, chestnut, pine, and arbutus—are used in this ancient process. Because of its unique molecular composition, charcoal is now used globally to extract toxins—from earth, from people—as a healing corrective. In the drawings, this molecular remedy is represented by honeycomb sieves. In one drawing, the maps of countries are caught by the sieve.

  • Siena Art Institute video by Gabriele Clementi

    This short video shows the process of drawings created at the Siena Art Institute Fall Project residency.

  • Siena Art Institute Fall Project Residency drawings

    This new series of drawings continue the exploration begun in the “Soundings” exhibition with Margaret Cogswell at Kentler International Drawing Space. Based on “volunteer” plants in sites like the Siena train station and the medieval walls, as well as those in the Botanical Garden, the drawings explore visual oscillation between indoor and outdoor space, ideas of cross-pollination between indigenous and non-indigenous species.

  • Soundings

    This series of drawings is based on observation of the weeds and “volunteer” plants coming up through the cracks of Red Hook, Brooklyn, the urban birds–pigeons, sparrows, and starlings, and other aspects of the local visual environment—pennants at a ball field, empty signs, a satellite dish. There are also maps of present and historical Red Hook, and Shenzhen and Guangzhu, two of the largest cities in China, our biggest trading partner–because Red Hook is also a port.

  • Rome drawings

    This series of drawings were generated while in Rome from January 2013 – June 2013, while serving as the Chief Critic for the European Honors program of RISD.

  • Prospectus for the Nation: Paintings on Recycled Plastic

    Ellen Driscoll’s Prospectus for the Nation project consists of a content-rich website dedicated to research she did on oil and plastic production/consumption as well as documentation of the creation and installation of “Distant Mirrors” for the Providence River. She also has contributed small paintings on #2 recycled plastic that will be reproduced for the Prospectus “Box” of artist-made objects and sold individually in the future.”